Fun Facts

Theme: Arcade Open House Chair: Miranda Fyfe

Friday Showcase Hosts: Tyndal Mitchell and Kushal Shankar

"Bop to the Top" Ben Hepburn and Caroline Geckler

"Pirates of Penzance" Directed by Lina Zikas Jack Conner, Anna Rose Collins, Helena Wright, Amanda Domingues

"The Other Half" Lina Zikas and Emma Schroer

"My Best Friend is a Superhero" Harrison Larkins

"Going Back to DT" Directed by Skyler Tordoya Parker Davenport, Davis Williams, Breyanna Lima, Tracy Butler, Mack Wilson, Sylvia Li, Sneha Raja, and Andrew Slembarski

"The Most Lamentable Comedy of Pyramus and Thisbe" Directed by Madeline McCanless Autumn Siebold, Julia Grey, Austin Hughes, Anya Smith-Roman, and Grant Butler

"Cool Patrol" Kat Hueber, Thomas Glenn, and Kyle O'Neal

Let's Try This! Directed by Lucas Isbill Jackson Vance, Jamie Hannakainen, Miranda Fyfe, Nate Pate, and Tyndal Mitchell

Saturday Showcase Hosts: Tyndal Mitchell and Kushal Shankar

"Cocoa Butter Kisses" Lucas Isbill, Harrison Larkins, and Adam Thomas

"Roman & Julie" Directed by Kiersten Schutz Madison Ives, Mohmmad Farhan, Kyle Heiss, and Jameson Orvis

"Guardians of the Galaxy Fight Scene" Madeline McCanless and Miranda Fyfe

"Brand New You" Directed by Diana Winecoff Gracelyn Nguyen, Giovanna White, Katherine Shambaugh, Milan Riddick, and Anna Iyengar

"Take Me or Leave Me" Mikael Bucknavage and Sam Puckett

"Things to Remember for Next Time" Caroline Ware

"Why is this Trending?" Directed by Kat Hueber Jared Brown, Peyton Maynard, Sree Ganeshji, and Shma Manji

Let's Try This! Directed by Jackson Vance Caleigh Derreberry, Camille Pettit, Gisela Griesheimer, Megan Huber, and Thompson Berton

Where was the Toaster?

There were winged toasters on the pillars on the sides of the stage. Some toasters were hung from the ceiling. There was a sorting toaster.

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