Fun Facts

Open House Chair: Deech Madhavan


Introduction Deech Madhavan

Playwriting 101: The Rooftop Lesson Kristen Ducote, Laura O’Donnell and Victoria Schlensker

*Comedy of Errors* Directed by Katie Zimmerman Maria DeCotis, Jonathan Hardin and Andrew Seckers

*Les Miserables* Savannah Cookson

"Sorry, Wrong Number" A Radio Show Directed by Tamil Periasamy Connie Chen, Jay Danner, Akash Dixit, Andrew Dluhy, Travis Kohlbeck, Kenny Marino, Edu Paco Mateo and Julia Odum

"Lifeboat is Sinking" Erin Cook and Jordan Bethea

Let’s Try This! Improv


Introduction Deech Madhavan

Musical Montage Maggie Markey and Tamil Periasamy

"Sexy Talk" Directed by Carlin BrighT Heather Holcomb, Blaise Hymel and Maggie Kellett

Piano Solo Douglas Abrams

"Elementary Dating" Directed by Greg Kensey Jared McGrath and Daniel O’Rourke

Sword Fight Tom Robins and David Quigley

Let’s Try This! Improv

Where was the Toaster?

Flown in from the grid during Deech's introduction

Other Performances