Fun Facts

Information from Summer 2017 to Spring 2018

Leader: Tyndal Mitchell Production Manager: Will Anderson Outreachosaurus: Jackson Vance Summer Pub Wolf: Camille Pettit Fall Pub Wolf: Kat Hueber

May 13th - Let's Try This! Performs at AIF Directors: Harrison Larkins and Will Anderson Cast: Adam Thomas, Camille Pettit, Harrison Larkins, Jackson Vance, Miranda Fyfe, Will Anderson, Will Kao

June 23th - A Number/Far Away Aftershow: The End of Improv Director: Kat Hueber Cast: Aditya Anne, Dacorvyn Young, Harrison Larkins, Miranda Fyfe, Thompson Bertron

June 30th - A Number/Far Away Aftershow: Covergence Director: Miranda Fyfe Cast: Adam Thomas, Aditya Anne, Alice Zheng, Gisela Griesheimer, Tyndal Mitchell

August 19th - RATS Night Director: Tyndal Mitchell Cast: Bruno Santos, Camille Pettit, Gisela Griesheimer, Miranda Fyfe, Tyndall Mitchell, Will Kao

August 20th - Convocation Cast: Bruno Santos, Gisela Griesheimer, Will Anderson, Will Kao

August 25th - Open House Aftershow: Short Form Director: Jackson Vance Cast: Jackson Vance, Jamie Hannukainen, Miranda Fyfe, Nate Pate, Tyndal Mitchell

August 26th - Open House Aftershow: Mid Form Director: Lucas Isbill Cast: Caleigh Derreberry, Camille Pettit, Gisela Griesheimer, Megan Huber, Thompson Bertron

September 9th - Midnight at Dad's Garage Director: Tyndal Mitchell Cast: Aditya Anne, Jackson Vance, Jamie Hannukainen, Kat Hueber, Megan Huber, Nate Pate

September 16th - Upright Citizens' Brigade Show Cast: Caleigh Derreberry, Gisela Greisheimer, Harrison Larkins, Jackson Vance, Miranda Fyfe, Thompson Bertron

September 29th - High Ground Aftershow: What I Did Over the Summer Director: Jack Myer Cast: Bruno Santos, Jack Myer, Jackson Vance, Kyle O'Neal, Nate Pate, Will Kao

October 6th - High Ground Aftershow Director: Kat Hueber Cast: Jackson Vance, Kat Hueber, Megan Huber, Nate Pate, Will Anderson, Will Kao

October 7th - Midnight at Dad's Garage Cast: Gisela Griesheimer, Nate Pate, Will Anderson, Will Kao

October 29th - Family Weekend Director: Jackson Vance and Harrison Larkins Cast: Aditya Anne, Bruno Santos, Gisela Greisheimer, Harrison Larkins, Jackson Vance, Jamie Hannukainen, Karan Khosla, Kiersten Schutz, Megan Huber, Miranda Fyfe, Tyndal Mitchell, Will Kao

November 3rd - Dead Man's Cell Phone Aftershow: Truly Director: Lucas Isbill Cast: Karan Khosla, Megan Huber, Aditya Anne, Dacorvyn Young, Brooklyn Sheppard, Will Kao

November 10th - Dead Man's Cell Phone Aftershow: A Holiday Armando Director: Miranda Fyfe Cast: Megan Huber, Bruno Santos, Harrison Larkins, Aditya Anne, Gisela Grisheimer, Will Anderson, Miranda Fyfe

Other Performances