Fun Facts

Theme: Arcade Open House Chair: Neeta Thawani

Friday Showcase Hosts: James Nugent and Bryce Irvin

"Fine" Kushal Shankar and Meg Schurmann

"Apocalypse Psychoanalysis and Other Surprising Uses for an Onion" Directed by Caroline Ware Sebastian De Castro, Megan Huber, and Delfina Booth

"Monster Survival Skills" Directed by Audrey Gillen Soso Ogan, Anthony Teachey, and Asheley McMillan

"The Song That Goes Like This" Kevin Qian and Lina Zikas

"Barton 2016" Directed by Christina Herd Saja Jarakji, Robert Solomon, Joseph Lancaster, and Max Lenk

"The Dorm's a Mess" Directed and arranged by Will Anderson Evan Downs and Skyler Tordova

"Actor's Art" George Cooksey and Connor Kisling

Let's Try This! Directed by Neeta Thawani Chris Conrey, Caleigh Derreberry, Tyndal Mitchell, Connor Sofia, and Alice Zheng

Saturday Showcase Hosts: James Nugent and Bryce Irvin

"Hole" Directed by Madeline McCanless Aditya Anne, Tayler Carter, and Craig Shwartz

"Get Me to the Church on Time" Lina Zikas and Meg Schurmann

"Sucks to be Me" Directed by Kushal Shankar Tia Calhoun, Julian Mancini, Jake Levin, Justin Deal, Nathan Knauf, and Alexa Carleo

"Drugs are Bad" Directed by Miranda Fyfe Samuel Puckett, Xue Yang, and Kiersten Schutz

"The Game" Audrey Gillen, Madeline McCanless, Bruno Santos, and Owen Brahms

"9 to 5" Directed by Diana Winecoff Nate Pate, Jamie Hannukainen, Delaney Beckner, Isaac Frank, Nataly Granados, and Rae Barda

"Never Have I Ever" Directed by Will Penniman David Hamell, Emma Schroer, Ashwini Iyer, and Taylor Liu

"Feminism Explained: C-N Project" Neeta Thawani, Christina Herd, Will Penniman, Thompson Bertron, Steven Hendry, Harrison Larkins, and Bryce Irvin

Let's Try This! Directed by Paul Jackson Harrison Larkins, Lucas Isbill, Miranda Fyfe, Will Kao, Kyle O'Neal, Ben Hirsh, and Kevin Lai

Where was the Toaster?

Friday Showcase: a toaster on the TV frame and one on the books

Saturday Showcase: a toaster was run across stage during the host act

Other Performances