Fun Facts

Theme: Down the Rabbit Hole Open House Chair: Christina Herd

Friday Showcase Hosts: Caleigh Derreberry, Duane Stanford, and Will Penniman

"Elevator Games" Directed by Miranda Fyfe Ashley Alred, Shamsya Khan, and Shyra Jain

"Secondary Characters" Neeta Thawani and Delaney Strunk

"Everybody's Got the Right" Directed by Bryce Irvin Elizabeth Basnalou, Danny Zhang, Lexie Scott, Kate Dixon, Charlie Allen, Lauren Nash, Audrey Gillen, Lina Zikas, Kris Kasay, Kushal Shankar, Thomas Glenn, Madeline McCanless, and Guliana Stovall

"Love, Life, and the Pursuit of the Mega Millions Jackpot" Directed by Caroline Ware Kathy Joseph, Owen Brahms, Elizabeth Ham, and Madison Grams

"Temperamental" Sam Holtzen and Luke Telljohann

"Something's Missing" Directed by Kat Hueber Tyndal Mitchell, Deniz Bozkurt, and Nikhil Bhann

"Batman: One Bad Day" Delaney Strunk, Connor Kisling, Paul Jackson, and Joshua Redding

"The Chocolate Affair" Directed by Tejas Kotak Julie Leonard-Dukes, Daniel Groves, and Geethika Kapook

"Bridging the Gap" Duane Stanford and Alexa Carleo

Let's Try This Directed by Ben Hirsch Brent Cornelius, Gisela Griesheimer, Ben Hirsch, Paul Jackson, Dan Scantland, Delaney Strunk

Saturday Showcase Hosts: Caleigh Derreberry, Duane Stanford, and Will Penniman

"If You Were Gay" Ben Hirsch and Kevin Qian

"Heavy Cream" Directed by Ryan Evans Alice Zheng, Ji Moon, Nahid Gergin, and Zohar Robinstein

"Facebook Live" Directed by Alex Pennington Lauren Nash, Elizabeth Bailno, Zachary Starburk, Mason Manos, and Connor Sofia

"Don't Play Games with Me" Directed by Megan Tappan Daniel Kang, Chhaya Arora, Ahmed Wawaz, Mikael Bucknavage, and Pragna Hasthanthar

"Laughing Wild" Miranda Fyfe

"Every Major's Terrible" Thompson Bertron, Caleigh Derreberry, and Caroline Ware

"Words, Words, Words" Kat Hueber, Kevin Qian, and Brent Cornelius

"Pass It On" James Nugent, Megan Tappan, Gabby Rosen, Dillon Weeks, Iris Scholten, and Paul Jackson

Let's Try This Directed by Neeta Thawani Duane Stanford, James Nugent, Miranda Fyfe, Andrew Dluhy, Thompson Bertron, Taylor Powell

Where was the Toaster?

Friday Showcase: Baby toaster was pulled out of Mad Hatter's hat

Saturday Showcase: Toaster was brought on as a prop in Words, Words, Words