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What's With The Toaster?

The Dramatech Toaster has been hidden in plain sight in every DramaTech show since the late 1980s. The idea for this came from an impromptu art installation called Toaster Dreams created by Eddie Maise in the old theater. It featured several pieces of furniture suspended from the grid, with a toaster spotlit in the middle.

This list is a humble attempt to record where the creative folk of DT have tried to sneak this icon into their shows.

Where was the Toaster?
LunacySummer 1990Hidden in plain sight on the stage-right bookcase.
GodFall 1990Carried through by Groucho Marx at the end of the show, during the "Chaos" scene.
The Lion in WinterWinter 1991Wrapped as a Christmas present
PippinSpring 1991The toaster came on stage after the song "War." It was hidden in a shopping cart full of dismembered limbs.
Fahrenheit 451Fall 1991Stood in for the robotic hunter-killer "dog" in a box on stage.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the ForumSpring 1992Incorporated into the set as part of the facade of a Roman Temple-looking building. Right up there at the top, that pointy part that some architecture major should be able to name.
The CollectionSpring 1992Was the body of a telephone in a phone booth.
The Voice of the PrairieSpring 1993Inside an antique radio set.
Late Nite SpecialSummer 1993On a shelf with other decor one would find in a rural BBQ joint.
AssassinsFall 1993On the carnival barker's rack of prizes in scene 1.
The Skin of Our TeethFall 1993Wrapped as a package and carried carried on as a prop.
Agnes of GodWinter 1994In the psychiatrist's desk.
T-Bone N WeaselSpring 1994Used as a prop - The main characters are walking though a dump and Weasel is scripted to pick up a toilet seat and say "Hey, look - a toilet seat!" It was modified to "Hey, look - a toaster!" at which point the portion of the audience that was "in the know" would burst into wild applause and cheers, completely confusing the remainder of the crowd.
The HostageSpring 1994On the band platform, right in front.
The Glass MenagerieFall 1994In the "disco hall" just off-stage. It was not visible, but rather existed as part of a lighting effect.
The Real Inspector HoundFall 1994It was placed inside an old radio, it's plug used as the radio's.
MacbethWinter 1995It was in the shadowbox where the MacDuffs are killed.
Isle of DogsWinter 1995It was used in an attempt to dispose of Lady Emelia's body. The script called for a chainsaw (a Lee/Larson signature), so it was replaced with the DramaTech signature.
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatSpring 1995Used as part of Pharaoh's throne.
PersonalsSummer 1995It was carried on by movers during the "I'm Movin' In With Linda" number.
EquusFall 1995Hung from the grid as a lighting fixture.
Into the WoodsWinter 1996In Cinderella's mother's tree.
GodspellWinter 1997Used as a prop and referenced by the demons torturing "the rich man" in hell during "The Rich Man and Lazarus" bit.
The BacchaeWinter 1998Deconstructed, the guts of the toaster appeared on the underside of the rolling platform. It was used by the actors to designate which side of the platform had the swiveling casters.
The Who's TommySpring 1998It was part of Tommy's pinball machine.
Slightly MarriedFall 2000In a large purse, taken out while searching through it.
The Night Thoreau Spent in JailFall 2001Hidden in the tree
Pirates of PenzanceSpring 2002Under the Major General's bench in Act 2.
Something Ventured, Nothing GainedSummer 2003Cord was used to tie up prisoner and toaster was dragged behind him when running/hopping away.
LysistrataFall 2003Carved into the columns with other artwork.
PippinSpring 2004Behind the staircase, picked up by Lewis with a look of puzzlement during the song "Spread A Little Sunshine"
VarietyTech/Let's Try This!Summer 2004In the shopping cart during Blind Willie and the Talking Dog scene.
West Side StoryFall 2005Used as a gavel during "Gee, Officer Krupke"
The TempestSpring 2006Located on the back platform during the banquet scene
VarietyTech/Let's Try This!Spring 2006In a picture during the scene Gump, held by all of the stage managers
Black ComedySummer 2006Located back in Brindsley's studio mixed in with all the metal scraps
VarietyTech/Let's Try This!Fall 2006Located in a suitcase with the cord hanging out during the number Girl in 14G
AssassinsSpring 2007Mixed in with the barker's prizes in scene 1. Same place as when we did it the first time.
An Enemy of the PeopleSpring 2007in some rolls of paper in the news paper office
RumorsSummer 2007Located with the gifts brought in by the party guests
MacbethFall 2007Klimchak played it as an instrument during curtain call
UrinetownSpring 2008Used as a weapon to kill people of the UGC
What Happened to Mr. Sugarlumpkins?Summer 2008Located on the table with party food, next to some poptarts
ArcadiaFall 2008Located in one of the pictures on the walls
Jekyll and HydeSpring 2009Mixed in with all the laboratory equipment on Jekyll's lab bench
Keeping Up with the JonesesSpring 2009In a box of junk from the Joneses basement
Student Directed ScenesSpring 2009Used as a heating element in The Lion in Winter scene
DeathtrapSummer 2009In one of the posters mounted on the walls.
Twelfth NightFall 2009Carried in like a teddy bear by Malvolio in his night cap.
The ProducersSpring 20101. Used as an adding machine on one of the accountant's desks.
2. Hidden in Max's safe: the silver toaster in the silver safe - the white toaster in the white safe.
The PillowmanSpring 2010Mixed in with the toys in the boys room during the story telling scenes.
Arsenic and Old LaceSummer 2010Several toasters were carried in as part of Teddy's possessions to go off with him to Happy Dale Sanitarium.
Open HouseFall 2010Flown in from the grid during Deech's introduction
The Count of Monte CristoFall 20101. Carved into the stones next to the stage right arch.
2. Carried on as one of the possible weapon choices for the duel.
Black Box Comedy FestivalFall 2010Hanging from the grid along with the T
The Shape of ThingsSpring 2011On Adam's shirt.
Little Shop of HorrorsSpring 2011Flowerpot.
Banquet 2011Spring 2011Sitting on a desk during a Monty Python sketch.
EurydiceSummer 2011Toasters from Hell found in a trash pile.
Open HouseFall 2011Orange toaster used as a traffic cone on the construction set.
A Streetcar Named DesireFall 2011Carried across the Black Box in a vendor's basket.
VarietyTech/Let's Try This!Fall 2011Carried on and polished by the ASM during "Diva's Lament," the toaster was given a lap dance during "Burlesque."
Banquet 2012Spring 2012A pile of toasters was included in the futuristic expo exhibits.
RENTSpring 2012Stuffed with eviction notices, the toaster replaced the star or angel at the top of the makeshift Christmas Tree.
WASPSpring 2012Located in the refrigerator/safe with the infamous jello ring.
A Logic Named JoeSpring 2012Used as a foley prop to make the question lever noise of the Logic.
Wanda's VisitSpring 2012Part of the assortment of items contained within Wanda's purse.
The FrogsSummer 2012Lugged around by Xanthias in the piles of luggage.
Open HouseFall 2012On Friday, featured as Ophelia in the excerpt from Hamlet
On Saturday, featured during Jeopardy!
Laughter on the 23rd FloorFall 2012On the table with the bagels and coffee
VarietyTech/Let's Try This!Fall 2012Used by Micah to clobber and ensnare her beau Tamil in "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)".
after the quakeSpring 2013Katagiri carried it onstage along with other groceries at the beginning of "Superfrog Saves Tokyo"
How to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingSpring 2013When Finch comes in to work on Saturday, he places a toaster on his desk; when Biggley asks him what he is knitting, he tells him it is a "toaster cozy". One is also lying among the debris after the building is ransacked by treasure hunters.
Banquet 2013Spring 2013In the photo booth
Corpse!Summer 2013An actual 1930s toaster is located on Evelyn's desk.
Open HouseFall 2013Used to navigate the ship through space-time
VarietyTech/Let's Try This!Fall 2013During the number "Omigod You Guys" Bruiser, the dog, enters the scene on the toaster. It was referred to as ToasterDog.
FigmentsFall 2013The toaster is located on the back shelf in Rick's apartment. It's used as a radio.
Black Box Comedy FestivalSpring 2014The hosts for each night were given the toaster before they went on with no explaination.
Radical LoveSpring 2014The toaster was drawn on the poster of Miloševic.
Young FrankensteinSpring 2014One toaster painted into the wall of the castle.
Two toasters on the bookshelf in Frankenstein's house.
Banquet 2014Spring 2014The toaster was brought on stage and improvised with during Let's Try This!'s presenatation of the Best Properties award.
Let's Try This!Summer 2014Toasters were put in all standalone shows.

Disney-Prov: On stage the whole stage time holding the curtain speech.
Halloween Spooktacular: Brought on at the beginning of the second half by the director.
Potter-prov: Brought on by Professor Flitwick during the opening ceremony.
Dude Power III Dude Power with a Vengeance: sitting under the props table in the back of the stage.
High Tech Improv: Brought on at the beginning by the director as the only prop for the show.
EvolveFall 2014The toaster was seen in the shopping cart that was brought out by LTT! members during "Thrift Shop."
Enchanted Stories: An Evening of One ActsFall 2014The Toaster was carried on by Rumpelstiltskin in The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon.
CartoonSpring 2015There was a crochet toaster on Esther's chair, and a toaster was used on a torture projection.
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet StreetSpring 2015The toaster was painted on the side of Pirelli's cart and there was an old fashioned toaster on the bottom of Mrs. Lovett's table.
Banquet 2015Spring 2015The toaster was brought on stage and improvised with during Let's Try This!'s presentation of the Best Properties award.
Let's Try This!Summer 2015Toaster was put in all standalone shows

They Fight Crime! - Paul brought it out during the outro credits.

Nintenprov - Neeta brought it out during the outro credits. It was supposed to be in the long form.

Musical Improv -
Open House Fall 2015Friday Showcase: Baby toaster was pulled out of Mad Hatter's hat

Saturday Showcase: Toaster was brought on as a prop in Words, Words, Words
Parallel LivesFall 2015Toasters were on the bar
OthelloFall 2015On the table where the lighting fixtures were placed, Emilia's cross stitching, the wax seals on the letters, and written on the top of the letters.
George P Burdell Variety HourFall 2015It was placed on the hosts' table
Five Faces for Evelyn FrostSpring 2016A stripped toaster appeared on the monitor tree
Toasters were etched onto the shot glasses used during the show.
The newspaper that appeared in pictures (Toaster Times) features a toaster.
A picture of a toaster that fell from the drop box.
A silhouette of a toaster appeared on One's block.
A photo of a toaster appeared on Two's block.
A toaster appeared on an escort service business card used by Two.
A toaster appeared on One's phone case.
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling BeeSpring 2016The screws in the glasses on the Putnam Optometrists poster were toasters.
There was a toaster on the basket of sports equipment.
There was a toaster on the poster for the Putnam Chef Society.
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Summer 2016On the label of the breakaway whiskey bottle
Open HouseFall 2016Friday Showcase: a toaster on the TV frame and one on the books

Saturday Showcase: a toaster was run across stage during the host act
The TamingFall 2016Held by Katherine in the portrait, in Bianca's phone wallpaper
The Man of La ManchaFall 2016Behind the prison bars, in Cervantes's trunk, on the coins
The George P. Burdell Variety HourSpring 2017In the pile of props for 3 Walls No Blinds
The Importance of Being EarnestSpring 2017On the the shelf of the side table. One was used as a flower pot.
Musical of Musicals: The MusicalSpring 2017There was one toaster on a shelf, and a painting of another in a picture frame
Far AwaySummer 2017There was a toaster on a crate, a golden wood toaster in the set dressing, and a schematic of a toaster in a hat design.
A NumberSummer 2017There was a toaster on the bar.
Open HouseFall 2017There were winged toasters on the pillars on the sides of the stage. Some toasters were hung from the ceiling. There was a sorting toaster.
Dead Man's Cell PhoneFall 2017There was a toaster printed on a piece of stationary. There were paper toasters among the paper houses thrown onto the stage. The fake phones had toasters on the back.
ConstellationsSpring 2018There was a picture of a toaster on the beer bottle. There was a toaster button on Marianne's dance bag.
The George P. Burdell Variety HourSpring 2018Newspapers in DT3, Davis' Toasterology textbook, Encyclopedia Toastanica
The Drowsy ChaperoneSpring 2018There was a DMX-controlled toaster (thanks Wade) on the Man in Chair's side table.

There was also a 1920s toaster on the bookshelf and a Toastmaster ad on the back of a magazine.

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