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The Lion in Winter
by James Goldman
Winter 1974
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Larry Aronberg  -  Geoffrey
Sheri Banks  -  Eleanor
Anne Bushyhead  -  Alais
Eric Goldberg  -  Phillip
Ruel Russell  -  Richard
David Steigerwald  -  John
Alan Williamson  -  Henry


Robert Alpaugh  -  Director
Joy Hershler  -  Stage Manager
J Knox Pannill  -  Electrician
Allen Foskett  -  Lighting
Bernie Flank  -  Lighting
Richard Burroughs  -  Sound
Bill Spamer  -  Properties
Lynda Maersen  -  Costumes
Ellice F Seiden  -  Makeup Designer
Susan Smith  -  Makeup Designer
Alan Williamson  -  Publicity
Ranette Romire  -  Publicity
J Knox Pannill  -  Publicity
John Williams  -  Program Designer
Ray Campbell  -  House Manager
Jim Harrington  -  Production Staff
Susan Stewart  -  Production Staff
Salle Stepgongzi  -  Production Staff
Cesare Bufano  -  Production Staff
Larry Aronberg  -  Production Staff
Jim Handy  -  Production Staff
Frank Cullen  -  Production Staff
David Weeks  -  Production Staff
Jerry Maron  -  Production Staff
Paul Hampton  -  Production Staff
Fred Miller  -  Production Staff
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