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The Safety Show
by Ashley Alred, Camille Pettit, Devon Long, PJ Ortiz, Raveen Karnik, Travis Adams, and Tyndal Mitchell
Spring 2019
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The Safety Show (2019)
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Fun Facts

The show included an augmented reality phone app that the audience could use to see backgrounds overlaid on the set and animated versions of the actors. The show was written by the actors using their own real stories.


Travis Adams  -  Actor
Ashley Alred  -  Actor
Raveen Karnik  -  Actor
Devon Long  -  Actor
Tyndal Mitchell  -  Actor
PJ Ortiz  -  Actor
Camille Pettit  -  Actor


Melissa Foulger  -  Director
Abigail Bauman  -  Assistant Poster Designer
Kyle Holstein  -  Stage Manager
Jameson Orvis  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Kaitlin Burke  -  Set Designer
Parker Davenport  -  Master Carpenter
Grant Butler  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Alice Zheng  -  Lighting Designer
PJ Ortiz  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Jacob Parks  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Lexy Rile  -  Master Electrician
Charlotte Parkes  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Kat Hueber  -  Headshot Photographer
Ma Sofia Sosa  -  T-Shirt Designer
Kat Hueber  -  Video Designer
Nate Pate  -  Sound Designer
Kevin Zhu  -  Sound Engineer
Jacob Gasque  -  Assistant Sound Engineer
Skyler Tordoya  -  Properties Designer
Davis Williams  -  Assistant Properties Designer
Bria Rose McKouen  -  Assistant Properties Designer
Sylvia Li  -  Costume Designer
Alice Zheng  -  Poster Designer
Katie Zong  -  Program Designer
Gracelyn Nguyen  -  Social Media Designer
Autumn Siebold  -  Asst. Social Media Designer
Josh Fisher  -  AR Designer
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