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The Importance of Being Earnest
by Oscar Wilde
Spring 2017
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Where was the Toaster?

On the the shelf of the side table. One was used as a flower pot.


2017   -   Best Properties Design   -   Wade Sheldon
2017   -   Best Properties Design   -   Jennifer Zhang
2017   -   Best Costume Design   -   Megan Shaffer
2017   -   Best Costume Design   -   Julia Nikolich
2017   -   Best Supporting Actress, Play   -   Meg Schurmann

Other Performances

The Importance of Being Earnest (1972)
The Importance of Being Earnest (2004)


Owen Brahms  -  Merriman
Lizzy Liu  -  Gwendolyn
PJ Ortiz  -  Algernon
Emma Schroer  -  Miss Prism
Meg Schurmann  -  Lady Bracknell
Kiersten Schutz  -  Cecily
Connor Sofia  -  Jack
Robert Solomon  -  Lane
Anthony Teachey  -  Chasuble


Melissa Foulger  -  Director
Kevin Qian  -  Assistant Director
Iris Scholten  -  Stage Manager
Dillon Weeks  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Miranda Fyfe  -  Set Designer
Camille Pettit  -  Assistant Set Designer
Thompson Bertron  -  Master Carpenter
Oscar Klempay  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Zach Bloomquist  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Tamara Tsubota  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Alice Zheng  -  Lighting Designer
Caleigh Derreberry  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Nathan Weiskirch  -  Master Electrician
Lexy Rile  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Tamara Tsubota  -  Lighting Operator
Caroline Ware  -  Lighting Operator
Kat Hueber  -  Video Designer
Joan Chen  -  Sound Designer
Gabe Waksman  -  Assistant Sound Designer
Joan Chen  -  Sound Engineer
Karan Khosla  -  Assistant Sound Engineer
Gwen Kvasnicka  -  Assistant Sound Engineer
Jennifer Zhang  -  Properties Designer
Wade Sheldon  -  Properties Designer
Kyle Holstein  -  Assistant Properties Designer
Kyle Holstein  -  Properties Master
Jennifer Zhang  -  Properties Master
Wade Sheldon  -  Properties Master
Megan Shaffer  -  Costume Designer
Julia Nikolich  -  Costume Designer
Audrey Gillen  -  Assistant Costume Designer
Madeline McCanless  -  Costume Mistress
James Nugent  -  Poster Designer
David Howard  -  Program Designer
Kushal Shankar  -  House Manager
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