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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
by Rachel Sheinkin and William Finn
Spring 2016
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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (2016)
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Where was the Toaster?

The screws in the glasses on the Putnam Optometrists poster were toasters.
There was a toaster on the basket of sports equipment.
There was a toaster on the poster for the Putnam Chef Society.


2016   -   Best Show   -   Jeff McKerley
2016   -   Best Program Design   -   David Howard
2016   -   Best Sound Design   -   Luke Telljohann
2016   -   Best Supporting Actor, Mainstage Show   -   Nathaniel Robinson
2016   -   Best Supporting Actress, Mainstage Show   -   Lina Zikas
2016   -   Best Actress, Mainstage Show   -   Anna Bass


Anna Bass  -  Logainne
Kevin Desprez  -  Leaf
Ryan Evans  -  Mitch
Caroline Geckler  -  Olive
Ben Hepburn  -  Barfee
Nathaniel Robinson  -  Chip
Gabby Rosen  -  Rona
Craig Schwartz  -  Panch
Lina Zikas  -  Marcy


Jeff McKerley  -  Director
Tyler Sarkis  -  Music Director
Alexa Carleo  -  Dance Captain
Madeline Helmstadter  -  Stage Manager
Alice Zheng  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Iris Scholten  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Miranda Fyfe  -  Set Designer
Kaitlin Burke  -  Master Carpenter
Will Kao  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Sam Hunter  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Steven Hendry  -  Lighting Designer
Brice Williams  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Chad Turner  -  Master Electrician
Nina Yang  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Alice Zheng  -  Lighting Operator
Neeta Thawani  -  Video Designer
Luke Telljohann  -  Sound Designer
James Wroe  -  Assistant Sound Designer
Joan Chen  -  Sound Engineer
Dillon Weeks  -  Sound Operator
Tejas Kotak  -  Microphone Operator
Madeline McCanless  -  Audio Assistant
Wade Sheldon  -  Properties Designer
Megan Shaffer  -  Assistant Properties Designer
Kat Hueber  -  Costume Designer
Neeta Thawani  -  Assistant Costume Designer
Julie Leonard-Duke  -  Costume Mistress
Alice Zheng  -  Poster Designer
David Howard  -  Program Designer
Kushal Shankar  -  Assistant Program Designer
Steven Hendry  -  House Manager
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