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Five Faces for Evelyn Frost
by Guillamue Corbeil
Spring 2016
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Five Faces for Evelyn Frost (2016)
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Fun Facts

Translated by Steven McCarthy

DramaTech premiered the English translation

Where was the Toaster?

A stripped toaster appeared on the monitor tree
Toasters were etched onto the shot glasses used during the show.
The newspaper that appeared in pictures (Toaster Times) features a toaster.
A picture of a toaster that fell from the drop box.
A silhouette of a toaster appeared on One's block.
A photo of a toaster appeared on Two's block.
A toaster appeared on an escort service business card used by Two.
A toaster appeared on One's phone case.


2016   -   Best Poster Design   -   Kat Hueber
2016   -   Best Set Design   -   Bret Brammer
2016   -   Best Lighting Design   -   Christina Herd
2016   -   Best Technical Achievement in a Show   -   David Howard
2016   -   Best Actor, One Act   -   William Penniman
2016   -   Best Actress, One Act   -   Lexie Scott


Emily Cook  -  Two
Miranda Fyfe  -  Three
William Penniman  -  Five
Lexie Scott  -  One
Dawson Wilson  -  Four


Melissa Foulger  -  Director
Delaney Strunk  -  Assistant Director
George P Burdell  -  Dance Captain
Dillon Weeks  -  Stage Manager
Connor Sofia  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Bret Brammer  -  Set Designer
Carter Johns  -  Assistant Set Designer
Taylor Powell  -  Master Carpenter
Bryce Watson  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Christina Herd  -  Lighting Designer
Caroline Ware  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Jennifer Zhang  -  Master Electrician
Neeta Thawani  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Darbi Wilson  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Charlie Allen  -  Lighting Operator
Duane Stanford  -  Video Designer
Alice Zheng  -  Assistant Media Designer
Chad Turner  -  Assistant Media Engineer
David Howard  -  Media Engineer
Joan Chen  -  Media Designer
Tejas Kotak  -  Sound Designer
Jonathan Spalten  -  Assistant Sound Designer
Brice Williams  -  Sound Engineer
Steven Hendry  -  Assistant Sound Engineer
Tyndal Mitchell  -  Sound Operator
Connor Sofia  -  Projections Operator
Wade Sheldon  -  Properties Designer
Gabe Waksman  -  Assistant Properties Designer
Wade Sheldon  -  Properties Master
Megan Shaffer  -  Costume Designer
Madeline McCanless  -  Assistant Costume Designer
Julia Nikolich  -  Costume Mistress
Kat Hueber  -  Poster Designer
James Nugent  -  Program Designer
Neeta Thawani  -  House Manager
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