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George P Burdell Variety Hour
Fall 2015
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George P Burdell Variety Hour (2015)
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Fun Facts

Show Order:

Two by Two


I Told You So



The Truth

What I've Been Looking For

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Lincoln Chafee: American Warrior

Turn It Off


Three Walls No Blinds

Bop to the Top

I Dreamed a Dream

Sunday Candy

Pirates of the Caribbean

Hand to Mouth

Shatter the Unbreakable

At Last

I Need You

To Be or Not to Be


Where was the Toaster?

It was placed on the hosts' table


2016   -   Best Variety Hour Act   -   Duane Stanford


Owen Brahms  -  Performer
Mikael Bucknavage  -  Host
Jacob Calvert  -  Performer
Alexa Carleo  -  Performer
Kris Casey  -  Performer
Caleigh Derreberry  -  Performer
Siddhant 'Sid' Desai  -  Performer
Ryan Evans  -  Performer
Miranda Fyfe  -  Performer
Libby Galli  -  Performer
Caroline Geckler  -  Performer
Audrey Gillen  -  Ensemble
Thomas Glenn  -  Ensemble
Kat Hueber  -  Performer
Paul E Jackson  -  Performer
Carter Johns  -  Performer
Madeline McCanless  -  Performer
Tyler Mender  -  Performer
Lauren Nash  -  Performer
James Nugent  -  Performer
Kyle O' Neal  -  Performer
Kevin Qian  -  Ensemble
Joshua Redding  -  Performer
Gabby Rosen  -  Performer
S Gabrielle Roty  -  Performer
Meg Schurmann  -  Performer
Lexie Scott  -  Ensemble
Kushal Shankar  -  Performer
Connor Sofia  -  Performer
Duane Stanford  -  Performer
Delaney Strunk  -  Performer
Clay Sublett  -  Performer
Neeta Thawani  -  Host
Caroline Ware  -  Performer
Diana Winecoff  -  Ensemble
Lina Zikas  -  Performer


Bryce Irvin  -  Director
Sam Holtzen  -  Assistant Music Director
Joan Chen  -  Stage Manager
Will Anderson  -  Assistant Stage Manager
James Nugent  -  Set Designer
Thompson Bertron  -  Master Carpenter
Kaitlin Burke  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Sean Bradley  -  Lighting Designer
Chad Turner  -  Master Electrician
Charlie Allen  -  Lighting Operator
Nina Yang  -  Spotlight Operator
Alice Zheng  -  Video Designer
Tejas Kotak  -  Sound Designer
Morgan Tinkler  -  Sound Engineer
Regina Baker  -  Assistant Sound Engineer
Tejas Kotak  -  Sound Operator
William Penniman  -  Properties Designer
Kris Casey  -  Costume Designer
Megan Tappan  -  Costume Mistress
Miranda Fyfe  -  Poster Designer
Kat Hueber  -  Program Designer
David Howard  -  House Manager
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