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by William Shakespeare
Fall 2015
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Where was the Toaster?

On the table where the lighting fixtures were placed, Emilia's cross stitching, the wax seals on the letters, and written on the top of the letters.


2016   -   Best Properties Design   -   Jennifer Zhang
2016   -   Best Costume Design   -   Julia Nikolich
2016   -   Best Actor, Mainstage Show   -   Bryce Irvin
2016   -   Best Ensemble, Mainstage Show   -   Marcelles Lowery
2016   -   Best Video Design   -   Duane Stanford


Charlie Allen  -  Ensemble
Mikael Bucknavage  -  Iago
Alexa Carleo  -  Emilia
Bryce Irvin  -  Othello
Tejas Kotak  -  Ensemble
Marcelles Lowery  -  Ensemble
Madeline McCanless  -  Ensemble
James Nugent  -  Cassio
Meg Schurmann  -  Ensemble
Luke 'Cool Hands' Schussler  -  Ensemble
Lina Zikas  -  Desdemona


Keith Hinze  -  Director
Ryan Evans  -  Assistant Director
Natalie Flynn  -  Dramaturg
Tyler Mender  -  Stage Manager
Madeline Helmstadter  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Connor Sofia  -  Assistant Stage Manager
James Nugent  -  Set Designer
Thompson Bertron  -  Master Carpenter
Kaitlin Burke  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Chad Turner  -  Lighting Designer
Ian Ewell  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Sean Bradley  -  Master Electrician
Christopher Scank  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Caroline Ware  -  Lighting Operator
David Howard  -  Webapp Developer
Duane Stanford  -  Video Designer
Neeta Thawani  -  Assistant Video Designer
George P Burdell  -  Sound Designer
Morgan Tinkler  -  Sound Engineer
Regina Baker  -  Assistant Sound Engineer
Jennifer Zhang  -  Properties Designer
Siddhant 'Sid' Desai  -  Assistant Properties Designer
Jennifer Zhang  -  Properties Mistress
Jennifer Zhang  -  Weapons Master
Julia Nikolich  -  Costume Designer
Alex Fincher  -  Assistant Costume Designer
Julie Leonard-Duke  -  Costume Mistress
Kat Hueber  -  Costume Grip
Ryan Evans  -  Poster Designer
David Howard  -  Program Designer
Michael Boatright  -  Photographer
David Howard  -  House Manager
Copyright 2011 Friends of Dramatech