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Parallel Lives
by By Mo Gaffney and Kathy Najimy
Fall 2015
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Parallel Lives (2015)
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Where was the Toaster?

Toasters were on the bar


Andrew Dluhy  -  Actor
Jessica Kline  -  Actress
William Penniman  -  Actor
Lexie Scott  -  Actress
Delaney Strunk  -  Actress
Megan Tappan  -  Actress


Connor Kisling  -  Director
Sam Hunter  -  Stage Manager
Dillon Weeks  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Carter Johns  -  Set Designer
Miranda Fyfe  -  Master Carpenter
Cassie Mullins  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Christina Herd  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Steven Hendry  -  Lighting Designer
Nina Yang  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
David Howard  -  Master Electrician
Jennifer Zhang  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Alice Zheng  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Brent Cornelius  -  Lighting Operator
Luke Telljohann  -  Sound Designer
Jonathan Spalten  -  Assistant Sound Designer
Brice Williams  -  Sound Engineer
Chad Turner  -  Assistant Sound Engineer
Danny Zhang  -  Sound Operator
Alex Fincher  -  Costume Designer
Julia Nikolich  -  Assistant Costume Designer
Kris Casey  -  Costume Mistress
Skyler Westlake  -  Poster Designer
Neeta Thawani  -  Program Designer
Cai Morris  -  Program Designer
Miranda Fyfe  -  Grip
Alex Fincher  -  House Manager
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