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Fun Facts

This is the show usually known as VT/LTT! It was the director's choice to change the name to Evolve for this year's performance since VT was dissolved.

Where was the Toaster?

The toaster was seen in the shopping cart that was brought out by LTT! members during "Thrift Shop."


Anna Bass  -  Ensemble
Bret Brammer  -  Let's Try This! Player
Alexa Carleo  -  Lead Dancer
Brent Cornelius  -  Let's Try This! Player
Priyanka Deo  -  Ensemble
Andrew Dluhy  -  Let's Try This! Player
Tierra Ferra  -  Ensemble
Amy Foertsch  -  Ensemble
Miranda Fyfe  -  Ensemble
Caroline Geckler  -  Ensemble
Paul E Jackson  -  Let's Try This! Player
Carter Johns  -  Ensemble
Marcelles Lowery  -  Lead Dancer
Erin McCulley  -  Ensemble
Tyler Mender  -  Ensemble
James Nugent  -  Let's Try This! Player
Joshua Redding  -  Lead Dancer
Dan Scantland  -  Let's Try This! Player
Skyler Westlake  -  Let's Try This! Player
Dawson Wilson  -  Ensemble
Danielle Winecoff  -  Lead Dancer
Diana Winecoff  -  Lead Dancer


Ty Autry  -  Director
Sam Holtzen  -  Music Director
Micah Hosford  -  Music Director
Ty Autry  -  Dance Choreographer
Neeta Thawani  -  Let's Try This! Director
Joan Chen  -  Stage Manager
Jessica Kline  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Will Anderson  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Alex Pennington  -  Set Designer
James Nugent  -  Master Carpenter
Megan Walden  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Lauren Marrs  -  Lighting Designer
Chad Turner  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Christina Herd  -  Master Electrician
Steven Hendry  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Steven Hendry  -  Lighting Operator
Melissa Rust  -  Sound Designer
Tejas Kotak  -  Assistant Sound Designer
Brice Williams  -  Sound Engineer
Julia Nailor  -  Assistant Sound Engineer
Elizabeth Silenzi  -  Sound Operator
Duane Stanford  -  Sound Operator
Megan Tappan  -  Properties Designer
Megan Tappan  -  Costume Designer
Caroline Ware  -  Costume Mistress
Kevin Qian  -  Poster Designer
David Howard  -  Program Designer
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