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by Gerald Moon
Summer 2013
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Corpse! (2013)
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Where was the Toaster?

An actual 1930s toaster is located on Evelyn's desk.


Erik Arndt  -  Major Powell
Tejas Kotak  -  Evelyn/Rupert Body Double
Oge Nnadi  -  Hawkins
Tamil Periasamy  -  Evelyn/Rupert Farrant
S.J. Ralston  -  Mrs. McGee


Devon Peet  -  Director
Jay 'The Barbarian' Peterson  -  Fight Choreographer
Alyssa Ruth Kuncaitis  -  Stage Manager
Tejas Kotak  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Rachel Stewart  -  Set Designer
Tamil Periasamy  -  Assistant Set Designer
Joshua Mysona  -  Master Carpenter
Keller Smith  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Nathan Edwards  -  Lighting Designer
Erik Arndt  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Nathan Edwards  -  Master Electrician
Susanna Dong  -  Lighting Operator
Gilbert Dominguez  -  Sound Designer
Gilbert Dominguez  -  Sound Engineer
Helen Pickron  -  Sound Operator
George Cooksey  -  Sound Operator
Susanna Dong  -  Sound Operator
Kyle Zimmerman  -  Properties Designer
Kyle Zimmerman  -  Properties Master
S.J. Ralston  -  Weapons Master
Veronica Young  -  Costume Designer
Rachel Stewart  -  Costume Mistress
Alex Pennington  -  Poster Designer
Lauren 'Rook' Jarrett  -  Poster Designer
Alyssa Ruth Kuncaitis  -  Program Designer
Matteo Miller-Nicolato  -  Grip
Joshua Mysona  -  Grip
Rachel Stewart  -  Grip
Julia Nailor  -  Grip
David Quigley  -  Grip
Chris Bevirt  -  Grip
Alex Pennington  -  House Manager
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