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How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
by Frank Loesser, book by Abe Burrows, Jack Weinstock, and Willie Gilbert
Spring 2013
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How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (2013)
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Where was the Toaster?

When Finch comes in to work on Saturday, he places a toaster on his desk; when Biggley asks him what he is knitting, he tells him it is a "toaster cozy". One is also lying among the debris after the building is ransacked by treasure hunters.


2013   -   Best Show   -   Jay D Zimmerman
2013   -   Best Properties Design   -   Kyle Zimmerman
2013   -   Best Female Ensemble   -   Micah Hosford
2013   -   Best Actress   -   Jayme Holmes

Other Performances

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (1984)


Ty Autry  -  Bert Bratt
Daniel Branton  -  Mr. Tackaberry
Elizabeth 'Liz' Burns  -  Ms. Matthews
Kavita Chinoy  -  Secretary/Wickette
John Coombs  -  Bud Frump
Chris Gilbert  -  J.B. Biggley
Greg Giles  -  Mr. Toynbee
Elias Heard  -  Milton Gatch
Jayme Holmes  -  Rosemary Pilkington
Micah Hosford  -  Secretary/Policewoman
Alyssa Ruth Kuncaitis  -  Secretary/Wickette
Darin McKenna  -  J. Pierrepont Finch
Olivia Patronis  -  Miss Jones
Nathan Pearson  -  Mr. Twimble
Devon Peet  -  Book Voice/TV Announcer
Tamil Periasamy  -  Wally Womper/Benjamin Burton Daniel Ovington
Nathaniel Robinson  -  Mr. Jenkins
Whitney Rudeseal  -  Smitty
Megan Wartell  -  Miss Krumholtz/Wickette
Jim Wu  -  Mr. Peterson
Ariana Yazdi  -  Hedy LaRue


Jay D Zimmerman  -  Director
Seth Davis  -  Music Director
Mandy Mitchell  -  Dance Choreographer
Megan Wartell  -  Dance Captain
Ty Autry  -  Dance Captain
Katie Snyder  -  Stage Manager
Tyler Mender  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Bret Brammer  -  Set Designer
Taylor Powell  -  Master Carpenter
Nathan Edwards  -  Lighting Designer
Kevin Sabato  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Kevin Sabato  -  Master Electrician
David Howard  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Ryan Evans  -  Lighting Operator
Miles Johnson  -  Spotlight Operator
Matteo Miller-Nicolato  -  Spotlight Operator
Tejas Kotak  -  Sound Designer
Kristen Hansen  -  Sound Engineer
Gilbert Dominguez  -  Assistant Sound Engineer
S Gabrielle Roty  -  Sound Operator
Kristen Hansen  -  Microphone Operator
Tejas Kotak  -  Audio Assistant
Gilbert Dominguez  -  Audio Assistant
Kyle Zimmerman  -  Audio Assistant
Kevin Sabato  -  Audio Assistant
Kyle Zimmerman  -  Properties Designer
Tamil Periasamy  -  Assistant Properties Designer
Kyle Zimmerman  -  Properties Master
Jonida Beqo  -  Costume Designer
Alex Pennington  -  Poster Designer
Alyssa Ruth Kuncaitis  -  Program Designer
Bret Brammer  -  Grip
Taylor Powell  -  Grip
Erik Arndt  -  Grip
Alex Pennington  -  Grip
David Howard  -  House Manager
Melissa Rust  -  Keyboard
Seth Davis  -  Keyboard
Zachary Schmidt  -  String Bass
Matthew Drecler  -  Trumpet
Angela Berry  -  French Horn
Chip Coursey  -  Drums
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