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Black Box Comedy Festival
Fall 2011
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Black Box Comedy Festival (2011)
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Fun Facts

Eighth Annual Black Box Festival
Presented in the Dean James E Dull Theatre and Under the Couch in the Student Center

Other Performances

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Black Box Comedy Festival (2012)
Black Box Comedy Festival (2014)



Stephanie Chan  -  Stage Manager
Savannah Cookson  -  Stage Manager
Thomas Copeland  -  Booth Manager
Michael Lee  -  Booth Manager
Tejas Kotak  -  Lighting Operator
Brooke Rush  -  Lighting Operator
Kevin Sabato  -  Lighting Operator
Tamil Periasamy  -  Lighting Operator
Blaise Hymel  -  Lighting Operator
Jackson Walsh  -  Sound Operator
Skyler Westlake  -  Sound Operator
Tamil Periasamy  -  Sound Operator
Michael Limiero  -  Sound Operator
Cameron Paul  -  Sound Operator
Matt 'MC' Carroll  -  Stagehand
Andrew Dluhy  -  Stagehand
Alyssa Ruth Kuncaitis  -  Stagehand
Helen Pickron  -  Stagehand
Mia Wrightson  -  Stagehand
Jackson Walsh  -  Stagehand
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