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Banquet 2012 (2012)
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Fun Facts

DramaTech Expo 2012

Chair: Graham P Sweeney
Theme: The World of Tomorrow
Host: Eddie Maise

Where was the Toaster?

A pile of toasters was included in the futuristic expo exhibits.



Melinda Ellington  -  Stage Manager
Ryan Evans  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Bret Brammer  -  Set Designer
Lauren 'Rook' Jarrett  -  Scenic Designer
Sam Hunter  -  Carpenter
Andrew Nemchik  -  Carpenter
David Quigley  -  Carpenter
Douglas 'Dougie' Abrams  -  Carpenter
Blaise Hymel  -  Carpenter
Kevin Sabato  -  Lighting Designer
Miles Johnson  -  Master Electrician
Kevin Sabato  -  Lighting Operator
Tejas Kotak  -  Sound Designer
Solace Collestan  -  Sound Engineer
John Quinn  -  Sound Crew
Graham P Sweeney  -  Audio/Visual Operator
Graham P Sweeney  -  Projections Designer
Alyssa Ruth Kuncaitis  -  Publicity
Tejas Kotak  -  Publicity
Graham P Sweeney  -  Program Designer
Graham P Sweeney  -  Graphics Designer
Bret Brammer  -  Interactivity/Web Site
Sam Hunter  -  House Manager
Melissa Foulger  -  With Special Thanks
Copyright 2011 Friends of Dramatech