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by Sarah Ruhl
Summer 2011
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Eurydice (2011)
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Fun Facts

Best Technical Achievement in a Show won by Keller Smith and David Moroniti for Onstage Rain.

Where was the Toaster?

Toasters from Hell found in a trash pile.


2012   -   Best Supporting Actor   -   David Quigley
2012   -   Best Actress   -   Lee Ellen Thornton
2012   -   Best Technical Achievement in a Show   -   Keller Smith
2012   -   Best Technical Achievement in a Show   -   David Moroniti


Erin Cook  -  Little Stone
Andrew Dluhy  -  Orpheus
Alex Pennington  -  Loud Stone
Tamil Periasamy  -  Father
Andreya Piplica  -  Big Stone
David Quigley  -  Nasty Interesting Man
Lee Ellen Thornton  -  Eurydice


Jake Dreiling  -  Director
Jonathan Pelc  -  Stage Manager
Victoria Schlensker  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Laura O'Donnell  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Keller Smith  -  Set Designer
Tamil Periasamy  -  Assistant Set Designer
David Moroniti  -  Master Carpenter
Joshua Mysona  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Lauren O'Keefe  -  Lighting Designer
Erik Arndt  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Nathan Edwards  -  Master Electrician
Andrew Nelson  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Tejas Kotak  -  Lighting Operator
Samuel S. Whited  -  Sound Designer
Sam Hunter  -  Assistant Sound Designer
Solace Collestan  -  Sound Engineer
Cameron Paul  -  Assistant Sound Engineer
Cameron Paul  -  Sound Operator
Carlin Bright  -  Properties Designer
Erin Cook  -  Assistant Properties Designer
Katie Zimmerman  -  Costume Designer
Sofia (Staton) Boswell  -  Makeup Designer
Tamil Periasamy  -  Poster Designer
David Hollis  -  Program Designer
Yogesh Mundada  -  Stagehand
John Coombs  -  Stagehand
Savannah Cookson  -  Stagehand
McKenzie Delaney  -  House Manager
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