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Mystery Soup for the Murderous Soul
by Will Wright
Spring 2010
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Mystery Soup for the Murderous Soul (2010)
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Fun Facts

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater


Douglas 'Dougie' Abrams  -  DJ Al Fresco
Josh Bolla  -  Buff
Bret Brammer  -  Cameron Corder
Carlin Bright  -  Ida Fraud
Alan Campbell  -  Don Tortellini
Preston Cobb  -  Drew
James Conces  -  Vinny Tortellini
Erin Cook  -  Bernadette Down
Jessica Doyle  -  Holly Wood
Melinda Ellington  -  Valerie Vee Ghan
Meghan Green  -  Betty Queen
Marc Humbert  -  Chairman Chow
Tejas Kotak  -  Pea Ahn
Johnathan McFarland  -  Sam Ori
Andrew Nemchik  -  Dr. Wiz
Dameon Noga  -  Farris Wheeler
Cameron Paul  -  Oysters
Alex Pennington  -  Cinnamon Scowl
Nicole 'Nikky' Saint-Aubin  -  Nancy
Tim Scott  -  Elton Plumb
Katie Zimmerman  -  Paula Bean


Will 'Duba Dub' Wright  -  Director
Aubrie Lee Wright  -  Assistant Director
David Quigley  -  Assistant to the Director
Samuel S. Whited  -  Stage Manager
Nicole 'Nikky' Saint-Aubin  -  Costume Master
Alex Pennington  -  Assistant Costume Mistress
Tamil Periasamy  -  Poster Designer
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