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A Pickwick Christmas Carol
by Charles Dickens
Fall 1991
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A Pickwick Christmas Carol (1991)
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Fun Facts

In this original adaptation from Dickens' 1843 classic A Christmas Carol and his lesser known Pickwick Papers, Greg Abbott created a story that focuses on the journey and epiphany of Scrooge. By eliminating detailed side stories, like Tiny Tim and Bob Cratchet, the story is boiled down to a one act play where one actor (Jonathan McQueen) plays all the ghosts and one plays Scrooge (Troy Halverson). The story is book-ended with a Pickwickian grave digger (David Benedict) who takes us into and out of the parable.


David Benedict  -  Gravedigger
Troy Halverson  -  Scrooge
Jonathan MacQueen  -  Ghosts


Amy Van Fleet  -  Director
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