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What Happened to Mr. Sugarlumpkins?
by Olufemi S 'Femi' Sowemimo
Summer 2008
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What Happened to Mr. Sugarlumpkins? (2008)
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Fun Facts

Written by a DramaTech alumnus, directed by a DramaTech alumnus

Where was the Toaster?

Located on the table with party food, next to some poptarts


Russell Brooks  -  Sal
Vincent Chan  -  Thomas
Keri Ledford  -  Brittany
Matthew LeVine  -  Chris
Brandon Lewis  -  Nick
Aditya 'Deech' Madhavan  -  Phil
Tamil Periasamy  -  Jerry
Nicole 'Nikky' Saint-Aubin  -  Carol


Jordan M Bethea  -  Director
Stephanie (Sellers) Daigle  -  Stage Manager
Michelle Hendrickson  -  Set Designer
Greg 'Tye' Howard  -  Master Carpenter
Tamil Periasamy  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Scott McGraw  -  Lighting Designer
Aditya 'Deech' Madhavan  -  Master Electrician
Michael Lee  -  Sound Designer
Sofia (Staton) Boswell  -  Properties Designer
Brittany (Roberts) Pryby  -  Costume Designer
Sarah Gorday  -  Costume Master
Russell Brooks  -  Poster Designer
Morgan Miller  -  Program Designer
Chris Bimbo  -  House Manager
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