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Death By Chocolate
by Lorraine Allen Rose
Fall 2002
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2003   -   Best Male in a Studio Show   -   Yianni Ellis


Apryl Alexander  -  Kit Hershe
Omar DeLara  -  Detective
Yianni Ellis  -  Valhrone Hershe
J Austin Hijar  -  Chip Nestle
Jill Adams Hoffman  -  Kat Jones
Peter Pariselli  -  William Wonker
Kalani Reel  -  Lady Gigi
Craig Rennak  -  Henry
Amy Townsend  -  Joy Almond
Zac Weeks  -  Goober


Lorraine (Allen) Rose  -  Director
Will 'Duba Dub' Wright  -  Stage Manager
Copyright 2011 Friends of Dramatech