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Fall 2003
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Amy Bolling  -  Cast Member
Ashley Case  -  Cast Member
Stephanie Chung  -  Cast Member
Michael Gerstner  -  Cast Member
Amanda Jackson  -  Cast Member
Heidi F. Khalil  -  Cast Member
Rocky Khamken  -  Cast Member
James Lentini  -  Cast Member
Mariam Mathew  -  Cast Member
Nikhil Patil  -  Cast Member
David Simpson  -  Cast Member
Stuart Manito 'Stu' Smith  -  Cast Member
Jeff Wei  -  Cast Member
Will 'Duba Dub' Wright  -  Cast Member


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Jay D Zimmerman  -  Music Director
Rocky Dunlap  -  Music Director
Leon Brown  -  Dance Choreographer
Virat Mehta  -  Stage Manager
Brad Wells  -  Set Designer
Billy Hoffman  -  Set Designer
Andy Martin  -  Lighting Designer
Andy Martin  -  Lighting Operator
Jon Olson  -  Sound Operator
John 'Shoop' Shapiro  -  Keyboard
James Lentini  -  Bass Guitar
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