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Killer Hands
by Lorraine Allen Rose, Jerry Wible, Will Wright, and Eric Sample
Fall 2004
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Fun Facts

This was the first Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre written by DramaTech.


Will Armstrong  -  Milton Bradford
Jordan M Bethea  -  Film Student
Matthew 'Matt' Falkenburg  -  San Antonio Slim
Amanda Jackson  -  Number One Fan
Hetal Kapadia  -  Annie Oakland
Shawn McCabe  -  Stanley Crocker
Angela Muhlberger  -  Barbie Kennedy
Andrew O'Brien  -  Vanilla Iced-T
Derek Olejnik  -  Jack Diamond
Becca Shannon  -  Betty Sue Crocker
Jennifer Steele  -  Jar Jar, the Klingon
Michael 'Scream' Sullivan  -  Spencer
Josh Testo  -  Vinny The Club
Will 'Duba Dub' Wright  -  Sam Spade


Lorraine (Allen) Rose  -  Director
Eric Sample  -  Stage Manager
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