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Eggshell #1
Fall 1995
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Eggshell #1 (1995)
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Fun Facts

Written by several members of the improv troupe (LTT!P) using improv techniques.

Performed at Open House.


1996   -   Best Studio Show   -   Jochen 'Je77' Rick


Josh Bardwell  -  Boy
Matt Bell  -  Lou, the Biologist
Danny diPasquale  -  God / Bert / Bubba / Raul
Charles Loflin  -  Neil, the Chemist
Willena Moye  -  Fifi, the Artist / Firmament
Chad Patterson  -  Matthew, the Manager
Wes Schrader  -  Al, the Physicist


Jochen 'Je77' Rick  -  Director
Stuart 'Marvin' Pieloch  -  Director
Jochen 'Je77' Rick  -  Set Designer
Stuart 'Marvin' Pieloch  -  Lighting Designer
Stuart 'Marvin' Pieloch  -  Sound Designer
Craig Bryant  -  Properties Designer
Christa Segers  -  Costume Designer
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