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Me, Thy Creature
Spring 2004
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Me, Thy Creature (2004)
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Fun Facts

This was a collection of three Frankenstein one-act plays designed to correspond with the Frankenstein exhibit that was coming to the Georgia Tech Library. The casts can be found under the records for the individual pieces:
Promethea Unlaced
Dark Heart
The Vector



Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Will 'Duba Dub' Wright  -  Assistant Director
Jennifer Yam  -  Assistant Director
Hetal Kapadia  -  Stage Manager
Johnathan McFarland  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Adam Johnson  -  Set Designer
Brad Wells  -  Master Carpenter
Jon Olson  -  Lighting Designer
Andy Martin  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Joseph Daigle  -  Master Electrician
John 'Shoop' Shapiro  -  Lighting Operator
Martha Jaworski  -  Sound Designer
Steven Buckley  -  Sound Operator
AJ Milton  -  Properties Designer
Matthew Puetz  -  Costume Designer
Liz Weldon  -  Assistant Costume Designer
Jon Olson  -  Poster Designer
William Gloss  -  Program Designer
Jessica Gibson  -  House Manager
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