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Radio Play
by Billy Pilgrim, Jr.
Winter 1990
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Fun Facts

Radio Play is a 15-minute one-act play.
Studio Theatre.


Edward Hefter  -  Ike Lublock
David Jelinek  -  Radio Host
Wally Schwab  -  Robert Green
Suzanne Tilleman  -  Veronica English
John Tweel  -  Buster Diamond


Jimmy Rose  -  Director
C Edward 'Eddie' Maise  -  Set Designer
Tharen Debold  -  Lighting Designer
Jimmy Rose  -  Sound Designer
Kevin 'Zot' O'Connor  -  Sound
C Edward 'Eddie' Maise  -  Properties
Sheila Coker Gillispie  -  Costume Designer
Jimmy Rose  -  Poster Designer
Troy Halverson  -  Program Designer
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