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VarietyTech/Let's Try This!
by Jay Zimmerman
Summer 2005
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VarietyTech/Let's Try This! (2005)
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Fun Facts

The title of the VarietyTech show was "VTiVo": all of the numbers could have been found on television and were joined together with TiVo video clips.

The title of the LTT! show was "LTTV Nation".


Stephanie Chung  -  Cast Member
Katy (Tveraas) Clark  -  Cast Member
Kelly Lefler  -  Cast Member
James Lentini  -  Cast Member
Christopher Luu  -  Cast Member
Natalie McGee  -  Cast Member
AJ Milton  -  Cast Member
Caroline Seabrook  -  Cast Member
Andrea Shekarabi  -  Cast Member
David Simpson  -  Cast Member
Stephen Wright  -  Cast Member
Will 'Duba Dub' Wright  -  Cast Member


Jay D Zimmerman  -  Director
Rocky Dunlap  -  Music Director
Stephanie Chung  -  Dance Choreographer
Jon 'Athan' Wells  -  Let's Try This! Director
Greg Kinsey  -  Let's Try This! Director
Steven Buckley  -  Let's Try This! Director
Jessica Lindsey  -  Stage Manager
AJ Milton  -  Scenic Designer
Jessica Lindsey  -  Scenic Designer
Jon Olson  -  Lighting Designer
Tamil Periasamy  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Tamil Periasamy  -  Lighting Operator
Jon Olson  -  Lighting Operator
Jay D Zimmerman  -  Video Designer
Will 'Duba Dub' Wright  -  Video Designer
Martha Jaworski  -  Sound Operator
Christopher Luu  -  Program Designer
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