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VarietyTech/Let's Try This!
Summer 2004
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VarietyTech/Let's Try This! (2004)
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Fun Facts

The title of the VarietyTech show was "The Birds and the Bees (or Joshua and Two Talking Dogs)".

Where was the Toaster?

In the shopping cart during Blind Willie and the Talking Dog scene.


Jordan M Bethea  -  VarietyTech Cast
Stephanie Chung  -  VarietyTech Cast
Matthew 'Matt' Falkenburg  -  Let's Try This! Player
Michael Gerstner  -  VarietyTech Cast
Amanda Jackson  -  VarietyTech Cast
Tony Kasten  -  Let's Try This! Player
Erin Kerr  -  VarietyTech Cast
Rocky Khamken  -  VarietyTech Cast
James Lentini  -  VarietyTech Cast
Charles Loflin  -  Let's Try This! Player
Mariam Mathew  -  Let's Try This! Player
Robin Morris  -  Let's Try This! Player
Craig Rennak  -  Let's Try This! Player
Jochen 'Je77' Rick  -  Let's Try This! Player
Bryan Ruiz  -  Let's Try This! Player
Glenda Schumann  -  Let's Try This! Player
Caroline Seabrook  -  VarietyTech Cast
David Simpson  -  VarietyTech Cast
Nathan 'Nate' Weimer  -  Let's Try This! Player
Will 'Duba Dub' Wright  -  VarietyTech Cast
Brandon Yarbrough  -  Let's Try This! Player


Jay D Zimmerman  -  Director
Jay D Zimmerman  -  Music Director
Stephanie Chung  -  Dance Choreographer
Amanda Jackson  -  Dance Choreographer
Rocky Khamken  -  Dance Choreographer
Ryan Lafitte  -  Let's Try This! Director
John Maynard  -  Let's Try This! Director
Jonathan Wells  -  Let's Try This! Director
Will Armstrong  -  Stage Manager
Eric Sample  -  Lighting Designer
Jessica Berglind  -  Lighting Operator
Adam Johnson  -  Sound Operator
Jay D Zimmerman  -  Program Designer
Jessica Gibson  -  House Manager
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