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An Enemy of the People
by Henrik Ibsen
Spring 2007
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An Enemy of the People (2007)
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Where was the Toaster?

in some rolls of paper in the news paper office


2007   -   Best Program Design   -   Carlin Bright

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An Enemy of the People (1965)


Sofia (Staton) Boswell  -  Randine
Patrick Brandt  -  Captain Horster
Carlin Bright  -  Hovstad
Laura K Czyzewski  -  Peter Stockman
Sarah Gorday  -  Morten Stockmann
Michelle Hendrickson  -  Sven, the drunk / Narrator
Charity Hitchcock  -  Aslaksen
Jayme Holmes  -  Billing
Charles 'Charlie' Kline  -  Ejlif Stockmann
Katy Kline  -  Townsperson / Narrator
Aditya 'Deech' Madhavan  -  Dr. Tom Stockmann
Abby Palmer  -  Townsperson / Narrator
Brittany (Roberts) Pryby  -  Katrine Stockmann
Whitney Rudin  -  Morten Kiil
Nicole 'Nikky' Saint-Aubin  -  Townsperson / Narrator
Katie Zimmerman  -  Petra Stockmann


Peg 'Peggy' Shelton  -  Director
Bradley 'Brad' Knebel  -  Stage Manager
Robert 'Robbie' Glenn  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Morgan Miller  -  Set Designer
Kristin Caldwell  -  Lighting Designer
Aditya 'Deech' Madhavan  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Joseph Daigle  -  Master Electrician
Allison Hundley  -  Lighting Operator
Patrick Brandt  -  Sound Designer
Robert 'Robbie' Glenn  -  Sound Operator
Nicole 'Nikky' Saint-Aubin  -  Properties Master
Allison Hundley  -  Costume Designer
Sofia (Staton) Boswell  -  Makeup Designer
Morgan Miller  -  Poster Designer
Carlin Bright  -  Program Designer
Kelly Lefler  -  House Manager
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