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Isle of Dogs
by Larry Larson, Levi Lee, and Rebecca Wackler
Winter 1995
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Fun Facts

This show was performed as a studio show after MacBeth.

This show was performed for the Governor's Honors Open House.

Where was the Toaster?

It was used in an attempt to dispose of Lady Emelia's body. The script called for a chainsaw (a Lee/Larson signature), so it was replaced with the DramaTech signature.


1995   -   Best Male in a Studio Show   -   Jack Dillion
1995   -   Best Female in a Studio Show   -   Jackie Sokowoski
1995   -   Best Stage Manager, Studio Show   -   Michelle Callahan


Jack Dillion  -  Tom Weaver
Casey Jones  -  Lady Emelia
Chad Patterson  -  Willy
Mike 'Piv' Pivovar  -  Cuthbert Burdage
Angie Rees  -  I. A. Gold
Laurie Scally  -  Dame Buckbill
Brian 'Egon' Smith  -  Nicholas
Jackie Sokowoski  -  Viola Zardoni


Anthony A 'Tony' Vila  -  Director
Juliette Strader Vila  -  Assistant Director
Michelle Callahan  -  Stage Manager
Jimmy Rose  -  Set Designer
Ruth Ann 'Rue' Francis  -  Set Construction
Tharen Debold  -  Lighting Designer
Juliette Strader Vila  -  Weapons Master
Christa Segers  -  Costume Designer
Juliette Strader Vila  -  Makeup Designer
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