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Advice to the Players
by Bruce Bonafede
Spring 2003
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Advice to the Players (2003)
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2003   -   Best Actor   -   Olufemi S 'Femi' Sowemimo


Jordan M Bethea  -  Tony Jones
Yianni Ellis  -  Oliver Manzi
James Lentini  -  Mr. Moore
Wes Schrader  -  John Tyler
Olufemi S 'Femi' Sowemimo  -  Robert Obosa
Brandi Wyche  -  Emily Ngome


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Tod O'Connell  -  Stage Manager
Jennifer Steele  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Adam Johnson  -  Set Designer
Adam Johnson  -  Master Carpenter
Jon Olson  -  Lighting Designer
Moffett McKenna  -  Master Electrician
Chris Dalbec  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Brad Wells  -  Lighting Operator
Martha Jaworski  -  Sound Designer
Jon Olson  -  Sound Operator
William Gloss  -  Program Designer
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