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Black Comedy
by Peter Shaffer
Summer 2006
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Black Comedy (2006)
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Where was the Toaster?

Located back in Brindsley's studio mixed in with all the metal scraps


2007   -   Best Male Ensemble   -   Matt 'MC' Carroll

Other Performances

Black Comedy (1970)
Black Comedy (1976)


Jordan M Bethea  -  Colonel Melkett
Matt 'MC' Carroll  -  Schuppanzigh
Chris Dalbec  -  Bamburger
Hetal Kapadia  -  Miss Furnival
Kelly Lefler  -  Carol Melkett
James Lentini  -  Brindsley Miller
Aubrie Lee Wright  -  Clea
Will 'Duba Dub' Wright  -  Harold Gorringe


Kimberly Jurgen  -  Director
Joseph Daigle  -  Stage Manager
Carlin Bright  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Brad Wells  -  Set Designer
William Gloss  -  Master Carpenter
Erik Hollembeak  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Morgan Miller  -  Set Dresser
Kristin Caldwell  -  Lighting Designer
Michael Lee  -  Master Electrician
Eric Sample  -  Sound Designer
Hetal Kapadia  -  Properties Designer
Carlin Bright  -  Costume Designer
Matt Drake  -  Poster Designer
William Gloss  -  Program Designer
Eric Sample  -  House Manager
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