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The Tempest
by William Shakespeare
Spring 2006
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The Tempest (2006)
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Fun Facts

Production put on in conjunction with the LCC Creating Theatre class which involved students analyzing the play and conceiving their own look and tone for the production. The six students in the class also played major roles in the production.

Where was the Toaster?

Located on the back platform during the banquet scene


2006   -   Best Sound Design   -   Geoffrey Carter
2006   -   Best Costume Design   -   Nicole 'Nikky' Saint-Aubin
2006   -   Best Lighting Design   -   Eric Sample

Other Performances

The Tempest (1980)
The Tempest (1988)


Jordan M Bethea  -  Stephano
Patrick Brandt  -  Alonso
Carlin Bright  -  Victoria
Erin Cook  -  Gonzala
Matt Drake  -  Antonio
Robert 'Robbie' Glenn  -  Ferdinand
Michelle Hendrickson  -  Mariner
Martha Jaworski  -  Ariel
James Lentini  -  Prospero
Brittany (Roberts) Pryby  -  Ship Master
Nicole 'Nikky' Saint-Aubin  -  Francisca
Alexandros Salazar-Kardoza  -  Caliban
Adam 'Rusty' Weiss  -  Boatswain
Aubrie Lee Wright  -  Miranda
Will 'Duba Dub' Wright  -  Triculo
Katie Zimmerman  -  Adrian


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Morgan Miller  -  Stage Manager
Christopher Luu  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Andrew Maul  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Eric Sample  -  Lighting Designer
Joseph Daigle  -  Master Electrician
Geoffrey Carter  -  Sound Designer
Kelly Lefler  -  Properties Designer
Nicole 'Nikky' Saint-Aubin  -  Costume Designer
Katie Zimmerman  -  Assistant Costume Designer
Erin Schwartz  -  Makeup Designer
Jennifer Steele  -  Makeup Designer
David Ascano  -  Hair
Matt Drake  -  Poster Designer
Anita Chau  -  Program Designer
Kelly Lefler  -  House Manager
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