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Speed The Plow
by David Mamet
Fall 2005
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Speed The Plow (2005)
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2006   -   Best Supporting Actor   -   Pat Clark


Pat Clark  -  Charlie Fox
Erika Gemzer  -  Karen
Alexandros Salazar-Kardoza  -  Bobby Gould


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Kelly Lefler  -  Stage Manager
Stephanie (Sellers) Daigle  -  Assistant Stage Manager
William Gloss  -  Set Designer
Joseph Daigle  -  Lighting Designer
Andrew Maul  -  Master Electrician
Andrew Maul  -  Lighting Operator
Morgan Miller  -  Poster Designer
Patrick Brandt  -  Grip
Brittany (Roberts) Pryby  -  Grip
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