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Something Ventured, Nothing Gained
by Olufemi Sowemimo
Summer 2003
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Something Ventured, Nothing Gained (2003)
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Fun Facts

Part of the "A Disjointed Waltz" studio shows.

Where was the Toaster?

Cord was used to tie up prisoner and toaster was dragged behind him when running/hopping away.


Pat Clark  -  Hilary Gaylord
Tanya Farshy  -  Miss Termann
Michael Gerstner  -  Henchman 2
James Lentini  -  Henchman 3
Hugh Meyer  -  Audience Member
Iris Partadiharja  -  Taki Slut-Ho
Sabrina Smith  -  Hillary Honeydew
Matt Warenzak  -  Gayland Glascock
Nathan 'Nate' Weimer  -  Ryuken the Scorpion
Will 'Duba Dub' Wright  -  Henchman 1
Jay D Zimmerman  -  Special Appearance


Ganesh Kumaraswamy  -  Director
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