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VarietyTech/Let's Try This!
Fall 2002
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VarietyTech/Let's Try This! (2002)
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Lorene Barnhart  -  VarietyTech Cast
Stephanie Chung  -  VarietyTech Cast
Katy (Tveraas) Clark  -  VarietyTech Cast
Pat Clark  -  VarietyTech Cast
Matt 'Corny' Cornwell  -  VarietyTech Cast
Hillary Davis  -  Let's Try This! Player
Amanda Jackson  -  VarietyTech Cast
Heidi F. Khalil  -  VarietyTech Cast
Rocky Khamken  -  VarietyTech Cast
Ryan Lafitte  -  Let's Try This! Player
Siddharth Manay  -  Let's Try This! Player
Emily Matthews  -  Let's Try This! Player
Robin Morris  -  Let's Try This! Player
Craig Rennak  -  Let's Try This! Player
Wes Schrader  -  Let's Try This! Player
Daniel Sickbert  -  VarietyTech Cast
Stuart Manito 'Stu' Smith  -  Let's Try This! Player
Olufemi S 'Femi' Sowemimo  -  VarietyTech Cast
Dan Thompson  -  Let's Try This! Player
Amy Townsend  -  Let's Try This! Player
Matt Warenzak  -  VarietyTech Cast
Brandon Yarbrough  -  Let's Try This! Player
MacField 'Mac' Young  -  VarietyTech Cast
Amy (Hendrix) Zimmerman  -  VarietyTech Cast
Jay D Zimmerman  -  VarietyTech Cast


Sally Priester  -  Music Director
Rocky Dunlap  -  Assistant Music Director
Dana Whedon  -  Dance Choreographer
Nathan 'Nate' Weimer  -  Let's Try This! Director
Adam Johnson  -  Let's Try This! Director
Omar DeLara  -  Stage Manager
Brad Wells  -  Master Carpenter
Jon Olson  -  Lighting Designer
Nabil Schear  -  Lighting Designer
Amy Townsend  -  Master Electrician
Jon Olson  -  Lighting Operator
AJ Milton  -  Lighting
Martha Jaworski  -  Sound Operator
Valerie Peek  -  Costume Designer
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