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The Good Doctor
by Neil Simon
Fall 2001
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The Good Doctor (2001)
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2001   -   Best Actor, Studio Show   -   Olufemi S 'Femi' Sowemimo

Other Performances

The Good Doctor (1986)


J R Fulton  -  Actress (The Sneeze & The Seduction)
Ganesh Kumaraswamy  -  Actor (The Drowned Man & The Seduction)
Angela Muhlberger  -  Actress (The Sneeze & The Governess)
Becca Shannon  -  Actress (The Governess & The Arrangement)
Olufemi S 'Femi' Sowemimo  -  Writer/Narrator
Andrew Stimpson  -  Actor (The Sneeze, The Seduction, & The Arrangement)
Will 'Duba Dub' Wright  -  Actor (The Sneeze & The Drowned Man)


Hetal Kapadia  -  Director
Kecia Rigsby  -  Director
Brandon Yarbrough  -  Director
Jennifer Steele  -  Director
Omar DeLara  -  Director
Chesley Lovejoy  -  Director
Julie Dowling  -  Director
Siddharth Manay  -  Director
William Gloss  -  Set Designer
Claire Patti  -  Lighting Designer
Jon Olson  -  Master Electrician
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