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The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail
by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee
Fall 2001
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The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail (2001)
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Will Armstrong  -  Henry Thoreau
Jordan M Bethea  -  Ralph Waldo Emerson
Jeffrey Neal Brumbeloe  -  People of Concord
Marilyn Cole  -  Ellen
Julie Dowling  -  Lydian
David T Eger  -  Deacon Ball
Billy Hoffman  -  John
Hetal Kapadia  -  Mother
Shana Kerr  -  People of Concord
Elliot Laffey  -  People of Concord
Chris Robertson  -  People of Concord
Jennifer Steele  -  People of Concord
Jessie Stelzner  -  People of Concord
Jon 'Athan' Wells  -  People of Concord
Jerald Wible  -  Bailey
Michael Yeager  -  Sam Staples


Clint Thornton  -  Director
Anne Margaret Huss Manay  -  Stage Manager
Jennifer Lynn  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Jill Adams Hoffman  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Adam Johnson  -  Set Designer
Billy Hoffman  -  Master Carpenter
Will 'Duba Dub' Wright  -  Assistant Carpenter
Brad Wells  -  Assistant Carpenter
Matthew Simmons  -  Lighting Designer
John Barry  -  Master Electrician
Henry Ruiz  -  Master Electrician
Jon Olson  -  Assistant Electrician
Claire Patti  -  Assistant Electrician
Megan Lane  -  Lighting Operator
Ganesh Kumaraswamy  -  Sound Designer
Andrew Stimpson  -  Sound Operator
Moffett McKenna  -  Properties Designer
William Gloss  -  Assistant Properties Designer
Ollie (Richie) Yarbrough  -  Costume Designer
Valerie Peek  -  Assistant Costume Designer
Traci Meek  -  Assistant Costume Designer
Ollie (Richie) Yarbrough  -  Makeup Designer
Adam Johnson  -  Poster Designer
Candace Chandler  -  Program Designer
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