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by A.R. Gurney
Summer 2000
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Sylvia (2000)
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Shana Kerr  -  Sylvia
Hugh Meyer  -  Greg
Wes Schrader  -  Tom/Phyllis/Leslie
Elizabeth Wells  -  Kate


Clint Thornton  -  Director
Jochen 'Je77' Rick  -  Stage Manager
Billy Hoffman  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Bill Denney  -  Line Coach
John Barry  -  Set Designer
Carl Cox  -  Master Carpenter
Kelly Klega  -  Lighting Designer
Michael Gettys  -  Master Electrician
Siddharth Manay  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Ganesh Kumaraswamy  -  Sound Designer
Matthew Simmons  -  Properties Designer
Laurel Lawson  -  Costume Designer
Kecia Rigsby  -  Publicity Director
Julie Dowling  -  Poster Designer
Michael Gamble  -  Program Designer
Bill Denney  -  Photographer
Andrew Stimpson  -  Stagehand
Julie Dowling  -  Stagehand
Jennifer Vucic Jordan  -  House Manager
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