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Much Ado About Nothing
by William Shakespeare
Spring 2000
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Much Ado About Nothing (2000)
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Much Ado About Nothing (1957)


Rob Curylo  -  Borachio
Kevin Donnelly  -  Don Pedro
John duBose  -  Benedick
Tanya Farshy  -  The Countess/Don John the Bastard
Laura Finder  -  Messenger
Bryan Fleet  -  Antonio
Randy Forrester  -  Claudio
Tina Foxx  -  Beatrice
Michael Gerstner  -  Verges
Billy Hoffman  -  Conrad
Josh Kelley  -  Friar Francis
Shana Kerr  -  Ursula
Anne Margaret Huss Manay  -  Hero
Siddharth Manay  -  Leonato
Hugh Meyer  -  Dogberry
Tod O'Connell  -  Balthasar
Craig Rennak  -  Watchman #1
Kecia Rigsby  -  Margaret
Jerald Wible  -  Watchman #2


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Kelly Klega  -  Stage Manager
Julie Dowling  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Carl Cox  -  Set Designer
John Barry  -  Master Carpenter
Matthew Simmons  -  Lighting Designer
Aaron Zollman  -  Master Electrician
Robert Bury  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Bill Denney  -  Lighting Operator
Chris Hamlet  -  Sound Designer
Kiki Massey  -  Sound Operator
Royce Byrd  -  Properties Designer
Amy (Hendrix) Zimmerman  -  Costume Designer
Benjamin 'Benji' Drown  -  Assistant Costume Designer
Benjamin 'Benji' Drown  -  Makeup Designer
Alexandros Salazar-Kardoza  -  Publicity Director
Matt Flagg  -  Poster Designer
Shana Kerr  -  Program Designer
Jennifer Roper  -  House Manager
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