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by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey
Fall 1999
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Grease (1999)
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Fun Facts

This was the first show that was done after Tech switched to semesters.
Moved to the Ferst Center.


2000   -   Best Supporting Actor   -   Jay D Zimmerman


Keith Alexander  -  Eugene
Jon Bonus  -  Chorus
David 'Dave' Cater  -  Johnny Casino
Kelly Coker  -  Marty
Emily Farlee  -  Chorus
Tanya Farshy  -  Chorus
Joy Glover  -  Chorus
Billy Hoffman  -  Sonny
Dipika Jain  -  Chorus
Scott King  -  Chorus
Angelo Maniquis  -  Miss Lynch
Ashley Manzoor  -  Cha-Cha
Brandon Meredith  -  Chorus
Larren Murphy  -  Rizzo
Davis Neves  -  Chorus
Kelly Noland  -  Frenchy
Dawn Pendergast  -  Sandy
Suzy Robinson  -  Jan
Amber Sansom  -  Patty
Stephen Selfridge  -  Chorus
Olufemi S 'Femi' Sowemimo  -  Doody
Andy Van Dyke  -  Teen Angel / Tony
Ran Deep 'Robby' Walia  -  Vince Fontain
Matt Warenzak  -  Kenickie
Daniel 'Danny' White  -  Danny
Leta Woo  -  Baby / Chorus
Jay D Zimmerman  -  Roger


Joey Farr  -  Director
Jimmy Rose  -  Music Director
Tharen Debold  -  Assistant Music Director
Joey Farr  -  Dance Choreographer
Leta Woo  -  Assistant Choreographer
Adam 'CJB' Feingold  -  Stage Manager
Amy (McPherson) Feingold  -  Stage Manager
Dawn Foley  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Victor Smith  -  Set Designer
Heather McCord  -  Master Carpenter
Matt Panaro  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Zvi William 'Wil' Bakal  -  Lighting Designer
Henry Ruiz  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Amelia Vogel  -  Master Electrician
Moffett McKenna  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Erin Innis  -  Lighting Operator
Kecia Rigsby  -  Spotlight Operator
Andrew Stimpson  -  Spotlight Operator
Henry Ruiz  -  Automated Lighting Operator
Chris Hamlet  -  Sound Designer
Matt Panaro  -  Sound Operator
Adam 'CJB' Feingold  -  Sound Operator
Andrew Nall  -  Properties Designer
Christina (Cole) Sickbert  -  Properties Designer
Hetal Kapadia  -  Assistant Costumer
Audrey Rose Herman  -  Costumes
Benjamin 'Benji' Drown  -  Makeup Designer
Benjamin 'Benji' Drown  -  Hair and Wigs
Ganesh Kumaraswamy  -  Publicity Director
Alexandros Salazar-Kardoza  -  Publicity Director
Matt Flagg  -  Poster Designer
Ian Powell  -  Program Designer
Shana Kerr  -  Assistant Program Designer
John Berry  -  Grip
Kristi Odom  -  Grip
Stacia 'Stacey' Rodd  -  House Manager
Kelly Klega  -  House Manager
Rocky Dunlap  -  Piano
Mike Blakeney  -  Bass Guitar
Charles Boehmig  -  Guitar
Behram Kapadia  -  Guitar
Akiva Sklar  -  Trumpet
Eric Price  -  Saxophone
Fil Zyryanov  -  Drums
Kristi Odom  -  Band Roadie
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