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by Neil Simon
Fall 1998
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Rumors (1998)
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Rumors (2007)


Kevin Donnelly  -  Ken Gorman
J Austin Hijar  -  Glen Cooper
Gene Hullender  -  Lenny Ganz
Dipika Jain  -  Officer Connie Pudney
Carletha J Jones  -  Claire Ganz
Molly Lipscomb  -  Chris Gorman
Siddharth Manay  -  Ernie Cusak
Angelo Maniquis  -  Officer Ben Welch
Kelly Mitchell  -  Cassie Cooper
Elizabeth Rocco  -  Cookie Cusak


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Stacia 'Stacey' Rodd  -  Stage Manager
Christina (Cole) Sickbert  -  Assistant Stage Manager
William Michael Gray  -  Set Designer
Carl Cox  -  Master Carpenter
Sasha Block  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Tharen Debold  -  Lighting Designer
Matthew Simmons  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Chris Hamlet  -  Master Electrician
Michael Gamble  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Alana Vincent  -  Lighting Operator
Hugh Meyer  -  Sound Designer
Joe Hooper  -  Sound Operator
Josh Bardwell  -  Properties Designer
Chad Van Wie  -  Properties Master
Audrey Rose Herman  -  Costume Designer
Leta Woo  -  Head Publicist
Kevin Donnelly  -  Poster Designer
Don Langguth  -  Program Designer
Jennifer Vucic Jordan  -  House Manager
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