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I Hate Hamlet
by Paul Rudnick
Summer 1998
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I Hate Hamlet (1998)
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Josh Bardwell  -  Andrew Rally
Joseph Eugene Harris, III  -  John Barrymore
Robert Lunsford  -  Gary Peter Lefkowitz
Amy Maxwell  -  Felicia Dantine
Suzy Robinson  -  Deirdre McDavey
Elizabeth Rocco  -  Lillian Troy


Pam Joyce  -  Director
Alice Crawford  -  Set Designer
Bret Skelton  -  Master Carpenter
Brandon Smith  -  Lighting Designer
Chris Hamlet  -  Master Electrician
Summer Adams  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Myke Olson  -  Lighting Operator
Stacia 'Stacey' Rodd  -  Sound Designer
Summer Adams  -  Sound Operator
David Darwin Clark  -  Properties Designer
Laurel Lawson  -  Costume Designer
Christopher Rake  -  Poster Designer
Don Langguth  -  Program Designer
Andy Van Dyke  -  Grip
Clifford Smith  -  Grip
Jennifer Vucic Jordan  -  House Manager
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