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The Who's Tommy
by Des McAnuff and Pete Townshend
Spring 1998
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The Who's Tommy (1998)
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Fun Facts

First show to be moved into the Ferst Center.

Where was the Toaster?

It was part of Tommy's pinball machine.


Brian Baker  -  Cousin Kevin
David 'Dave' Cater  -  Ensemble
Devon Clark  -  Ensemble
Tod Cyr  -  Ensemble
Tanya Farshy  -  Ensemble
Schafer Gray  -  Young Tommy
Taylor Gray  -  Young Tommy
Patty Guenthner  -  Mrs. Walker
Sharon Schmidt Hart  -  Ensemble
Kelly Klega  -  Ensemble
Robert Lunsford  -  Ensemble
Amy Maxwell  -  Ensemble
Larren Murphy  -  Sally Simpson
Kelly Noland  -  Ensemble
Scott Percy  -  Ensemble
Elizabeth Rocco  -  Ensemble
Christina (Cole) Sickbert  -  Ensemble
Patty Smith  -  Gypsy (the Acid Queen)
Mark Strandburg  -  Mr. Walker
Andy Van Dyke  -  Ensemble
Anthony A 'Tony' Vila  -  Uncle Ernie
Ran Deep 'Robby' Walia  -  Ensemble
Joel D Whitley  -  Tommy
Leta Woo  -  Ensemble
Jay D Zimmerman  -  Ensemble


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Jimmy Rose  -  Music Director
Joey Farr  -  Dance Choreographer
Audrey Rose Herman  -  Stage Manager
Jeff Gassman  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Adam 'CJB' Feingold  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Stacia 'Stacey' Rodd  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Kelly Klega  -  Set Designer
Carl Cox  -  Master Carpenter
David Darwin Clark  -  Lighting Designer
Zvi William 'Wil' Bakal  -  Lighting Designer
Brandon Smith  -  Master Electrician
Don Langguth  -  Assistant Master Electrician
Chris Hamlet  -  Apprentice Master Electrician
Alice Crawford  -  Automated Lighting Design
Kevin Donnelly  -  Sound Designer
Virgil 'Chip' Spaur  -  Sound Engineer
Christopher Rake  -  Audio/Visual Design
J Austin Hijar  -  Audio/Visual Design
Inna Mebel  -  Properties Designer
Kristi Leatherwood  -  Costume Designer
Jochen 'Je77' Rick  -  Assistant Costume Designer
Juliette Strader Vila  -  Costume Assistant
Jimmy Rose  -  Keyboard
Tharen Debold  -  Keyboard
Glen Gordon  -  Keyboard
Michael Gray  -  Bass Guitar
Geoff Melkonian  -  Guitar
Jim Peliksza  -  Guitar
Tom Shaw  -  Guitar
Jack Foy  -  Trombone
Van Biesel  -  Drums
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