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The Bacchae
by Euripides
Winter 1998
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The Bacchae (1998)
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Where was the Toaster?

Deconstructed, the guts of the toaster appeared on the underside of the rolling platform. It was used by the actors to designate which side of the platform had the swiveling casters.


1998   -   Best Program Design   -   Jochen 'Je77' Rick


Kevin Donnelly  -  Dionysus
J Austin Hijar  -  Pentheus
Mamie Kerr  -  Agave
Angelo Maniquis  -  Messenger
Kelly Mitchell  -  Pentheus, Chorus
Angela Osterman  -  Chorus
Deleted Person  -  Teiresias, Clown
Deleted Person  -  Messenger (on video)
Deleted Person  -  Dionysus (bull mask)
Deleted Person  -  Manto
Unknown Person  -  Teiresias
Matthew Pettefer  -  Cadmus
Bradford Powell  -  Cadmus
Elizabeth Rocco  -  Chorus


Dr. Matthew Causey  -  Director
Ruth Ann 'Rue' Francis  -  Production Manager
Amy Maxwell  -  Stage Manager
Robert Lunsford  -  Stage Manager
Audrey Rose Herman  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Sabrina Neill  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Mamie Kerr  -  Master Carpenter
Zvi William 'Wil' Bakal  -  Assistant Master Carpenter
Christopher Rake  -  Lighting Designer
Casey Jones  -  Master Electrician
Zvi William 'Wil' Bakal  -  Lighting Operator
David Darwin Clark  -  Properties Designer
Colleen Kehoe  -  Costume Designer
Colleen Kehoe  -  Makeup Designer
Christopher Rake  -  Poster Designer
Jochen 'Je77' Rick  -  Program Designer
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