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Henry V
by William Shakespeare
Fall 1997
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Henry V (1997)
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Michelle Callahan  -  Nell/Erpingham
Dan Caudill  -  King Henry
Kevin Donnelly  -  Pistol
Melissa Dresser  -  Katherine
Yianni Ellis  -  Westmoreland
Robert A Ford  -  Fluellen
Jeff Gassman  -  King of France
William Michael Gray  -  Salisbury
J Austin Hijar  -  Exeter
Chris Lawrence  -  York
Laurel Lawson  -  Boy
Robert Lunsford  -  Nym
Siddharth Manay  -  Constable
Amy Maxwell  -  Chorus/Burgundy
Hugh Meyer  -  Bardolph/Grandpre
David E Moeller  -  John Bates
Matthew Pettefer  -  Falstaff/Brittany
Ben Phillips  -  Dauphin
Elizabeth Rocco  -  Orleans
Stacia 'Stacey' Rodd  -  MacMorris
Brian 'Egon' Smith  -  Henry IV
Sara Anne Stewart  -  Alice
Shawn Stoyer  -  Ely/Gower
Kristen M Thorvig  -  Governor
Ran Deep 'Robby' Walia  -  Canterbury/Williams
Joel D Whitley  -  Young Prince Harry/Montjoy


Gregory B 'Greg' Abbott  -  Director
Pam Joyce  -  Assistant Director
Tony Wright  -  Combat Choreography
Adam 'CJB' Feingold  -  Stage Manager
Brandon Smith  -  Stage Manager
Audrey Rose Herman  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Angelo Maniquis  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Dan Dougherty  -  Set Designer
Kelly Klega  -  Apprentice Master Carpenter
Kristi Hinckley  -  Lighting Designer
Zvi William 'Wil' Bakal  -  Assistant Lighting Designer
Don Langguth  -  Master Electrician
David Crossman  -  Sound Designer
Rahul Bali  -  Assistant Sound Designer
Bradford Powell  -  Assistant Properties Designer
Sabrina Neill  -  Properties
Brandon Smith  -  Weapons Master
Jochen 'Je77' Rick  -  Costume Designer
Christopher Rake  -  Publicity
Angelo Maniquis  -  Poster Designer
Akio Kita  -  Program Designer
Christopher Rake  -  Photographer
Claudia Lee  -  House Manager
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