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by Karla Jennings
Summer 1997
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Demons (1997)
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Fun Facts

Show was written by Karla Jennings, a DramaTech member.


Ben Berry  -  Guntaikyai
Michelle Callahan  -  Sally Whitby
Dan Caudill  -  Bobbie, Mr. Whitby
Erin Deavours  -  Mrs. Genet
Danny diPasquale  -  Beauregard Chernoff
Kevin Donnelly  -  Joe Wells
Dawn Foley  -  Windigo, Mrs. Whitby
Hugh Meyer  -  Father Dunai
Kelly Mitchell  -  Katie Chernoff
Angela Osterman  -  Indian Woman


Stephanie Harvey  -  Director
Amy Maxwell  -  Stage Manager
Don Langguth  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Suzy Robinson  -  Assistant Stage Manager
Michelle Callahan  -  Master Carpenter
Brandon Smith  -  Master Electrician
Karen Exline  -  Master Electrician
Jeff Gassman  -  Lighting Operator
Tommy Ender  -  Sound Operator
Willy Barnetts  -  Costumes
Emmanuel Soyoc  -  Costumes
Karla Jennings  -  Publicity
Jochen 'Je77' Rick  -  Program Designer
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